15 października 2014 | Aktualności

Documentary screening - “Whose is this song?”

Zapraszamy na specjalny dyskusyjny wieczór filmowy w ramach Poznan Slavic Fest. Nasi wolontariusze z Bułgarii i Turcji będą komentować film "Czyja to piosenka?" w Collegium Maius o 18.00 w czwartek, 16 października.

Balkan/Slavic related topics never stopped to be hot and controversial. We are going to discuss some of them tomorrow Thursday 16th at Collegium Maius from 6 p.m. within the Poznan Slavic Fest.  The documentary screening of the movie “Whose this song?” will open space for a talk with the EVS volunteers from OWA Poland Sara (Bulgaria) and Ertu (Turkey) What ate the notions of their lands, how the stereotype are build and how to find the common in between.

Whose this song? A Bulgarian movie director and traveler Adela Peeva asks herself before starting a remarkable journey through the Balkans. In her search for the true origins of a haunting melody, the filmmaker travels to Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia, Serbia and Bulgaria. The trip is filled with humor, suspense, tragedy and surprise as each country's citizens passionately claim the song to be their own and can even furnish elaborate histories for its origins. It is not that the mania for posession among the Balkan countries drives the idea of the movie but about discovering how the meaning was attached. How the history  with its joys and pains reflects at the future generations and how a melody traveled through time and land for reminding people of the past?



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