Venues of victims/Venues of perpetrators.

The project was developed to meet the challenges of the work (historical-political / civic) educators and youth workers within the complex theme of EDC / HRE (Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education); to convey knowledge, expand perspectives, to enable exchange, to examine their own attitudes and viewpoints, and to explore possibilities of a change in perspective. This will be done at different levels: on the part of the (historical-political /civic) educators and youth workers, as well as in direct cooperation with the young people from the participating partner institutions and their environment. The project "Venues of victims // Venues of perpetrators. Mapping, decoding & processing the role of historical - civic education in (European) Youth Work "has the following objectives:

• To enable the international transfer of knowledge and the establishment of a sustainable European cooperation structure between different institutions of historical and political /civic education (places of remembrance, research institutions, educational establishments and other institutions of youth education).

• To include narratives that correspond to the increasing heterogeneity of European societies, with particular attention to post-colonial and transnational approaches.

• To make history attractive and tangible: to teach new methods of historical didactics to support the attractiveness of scientifically founded history for a broader audience.

• To counter populism with a substantial education in order to counter the radicalization of young people

• To ensure the participation of disadvantaged young people and young adults in international mobility projects.

• Empower youth workers with competences that help to actively promote the facilitation of freedom, tolerance and respect for human rights as common postulates of all European values.

The “Kick-Off Seminar” aimed at the content and strategic-organizational development of the overall project and it took place in Weimar, Gremany, April 2018.

The training for youth leaders was run in Puszczykowo, Poland, May 2018.

The youth exchange is taking place here and now in Croatia, August 2018. Brief info.

The last part will be the final conference in Gernica, Basque Country, November 2018.