iInteract&iLearn. A key to develop my training competences.

ilnteract & ilearn. A key to recognise and develop my training competences.

An impression of our recent personal development training for trainers "iINTERACT and iLEARN":

It was a delight to work with this group of people from 10 countries to discover who they are in their core, in their heart, what are their strengths and weaknesses and how they can use this to positively impact their lives, communities and ultimately our world 

 This training course was for beginers - the youth leaders, youth workers, volunteers, trainers and facilitators. This programme was cover the basics of non-formal training in a very practical way. During this 7-day training in a group of 27 participants you got the opportunity to explore working with groups of young people from the perspective of being a trainer.

Project dates: 18-26 September 2017
Location: Dilijan Armenia

 Joining countries was :  Poland, Armenia, Bulgaria, Italy, Macedonia, Georgia, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Hungary.

 Topics in the programme was:  Non formal education, group building, physical learning environment, experiential learning, helping relationships, co-working, group dynamics, feedback, communication, non-verbal communication, presentation skills, challenging behaviours, tips & tricks, introducing an activity, leading a session, workshop lab.

 What we gained from this training ?

 - Reviewed and enhanced our trainer / youth worker competencies in the non-formal setting.

 - Developed our basic training competencies, group dynamics, communication and presentations skills and to practice and build on your existing skills.

- Learned by doing in the context of a save space in an international group, while being supported in the process by experienced trainers.

 - Explored cooperation and builded relationships with other trainers and youth workers from different cultures, through solidarity and empathy.

 - Learned more about the Erasmus+ Programme and the possibilities that it offers.

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