One Last Chance. A conflict resolution training.

One Last Chance. A conflict resolution training.

One Last Chance was a training course on a conflict management, using simulation games as main tool to transfer competences to youth workers so they could learn how to deal with conflicts in general.

This project consisted of two elements:
-    training course for youth workers “One last chance” (24-30.07.2017);
-    follow up actvities (Sept 2017).

 This trainng course for youth workers aimed at equipping them with the values and attitudes needed to build a new and improved multiculturel Europe, in a time where fear and prejudice are increasing, especially due to the recent and stil ongoing migration crisis.

The participant were youth workers, trainers, educators and volunteers involved in youth work coming from the countries of the 10 partner organisations: CVS Bulgaria, Utilapu Hungary, VSI Ireland, SCI İtaly, CID Macedonia, Norway, OWA Poland, Ha Moment Portugal (trainers trio), SCI Catalunya, IAL Sweden.

 All activities were organised in a logical and structured way, making the training program with a simple flow, which started from theory and development of self-awareness to later going into specific methods and tools.  Participants understood and faced conflicts and conflict-related issues in a more understanding and knowledgeable way. They could use these skills in youth work, promoting activities with youngsters to prevent conflicts, violence, racism and xenophobia. They also raised self-confidence and awareness on the topics and on the important role of youth worker as a facilitator of cultural/social changes.

One of the results of the training was this amazing video made by participants.

Further information

The project coordinator was Agnieszka Szczepanik,

The project was funded by the Erasmus+Youth Programme of the European Commission.