GO Visual! Icon Dictionary on Migration and Refugees

Go visual! – Creative education about migration

The project “Go visual! – Creative education about migration” (lasting from June to November 2016) was a part of the SCI Building Bridges Campaign on refugees, and in line with the current developments in Europe regarding migration.
The project aims to improve the quality of international volunteer and youth activities by providing participants with the know-how on the essentials of training: designing and running creative educational activities about migration, with a special emphasis on visual facilitation in this educational process.

The project consists of 2 elements:
-    training course for multipliers “Go visual! Creative education about migration” (7-11.09.2016);
-    producing a visual icon dictionary on migration (11.2016).

Training for multipliers
The training course Go Visual! (7-11 September 2016, Poznań, Poland) gathered 25 participants (educators, activists) from 10 European countries, who learnt and shared information on how to educate young people on migration, including refugee issues, through using visual facilitation methods and other creative methodologies which have a far greater impact on the recipients than the traditional way of teaching-preaching.
The project was intended for volunteers and staff members who was planning to act (or already act) as educators: persons transferring knowledge, skills, and values to both the youth and adults, and who intended to design and run workshops and trainings on migration, using creative and brain-friendly learning methods.
The training based on the lessons learnt from OWA successful educational programme on refugees and migrants we have been running in schools for the last 19 years.

Visual Icon Dictionary
As an effect of that training we produced the Visual Icon Dictionary on Migration – an electronic publication based on the Bikablo system of icons which are intended for trainers and facilitators and can be used by them during their work. This Creative Commons publication has a unique character, as it has a specific focus on migration issues and will present how to draw (visualise) in a few seconds concepts like: refugee, persecution, migration, human rights, discrimination, support, integration, etc. The icons are easy to redraw or print and use by educators in different countries, and it allows to run exciting workshops that will be remembered by participants.

This publication you may find here.

Further information.

The project coordinator was Małgorzata Tur, warszawa@jedenswiat.org.pl.

 The project is funded by the Erasmus+Youth Programme of the European Commission.